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Visited by over one million tourists in 2023, Bran Castle is a tourist attraction that should not be missed. Located at the entrance to the Rucăr-Bran corridor, at the meeting point between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului massifs, the castle was built between 1226 and 1388 as a military defense unit. 

Yet what makes him famous is the connection with Dracula, the famous fictional character from the Irishman Bram Stoker's novel, confused with the Wallachian prince Vlad Tepes. As Bran Castle is the only one in Transylvania that corresponds to Bram Stoker's description, the whole world refers to it as Dracula's Castle. 

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Also known as Peștera Mare or Peștera Bădichii, the Bat Cave is located in the village Peștera, approximately 5 km away from Cheile Grădiștei. 

The cave, which is 370 m long, is easy to visit and is decorated with many limestone formations, "tears of the earth" and rooms with different colored ceilings.


Located in the southern part of the Piatra Craiului Massif, on the left slope of the Dâmbovicioara valley (tributary of the Dâmbovița), 1 km north of the village of Dâmbovicioara (Argeș county), Peștera. 

Dâmbovicioara consists of a unique gallery, with a total length of 555 m. Although this length is incomparably shorter compared to other caves in Romania, Dâmbovicioara Cave is the longest in the area. The gallery has widths varying between 3-4 m and heights of 4-5 m.


Established in 1974 and declared a protected area in March 2000, Bucegi Natural Park is located in Moroeni commune, Dâmbovița county, approximately 80 km from Cheile Grădiștei.

 The park area includes the natural reserves: Bucșoiu Cliff – Mălăiesti – Gaura, Plaiul Hoților Fossil Site, Lăptici Peatland, Vama Strunga Fossil Site, Peștera – Cocora, Bucegi Prahove Steep, Colții lui Barbeș Mountains, Peștera – Cocora and Răteiului Cave.